London Bridges, West-Coast Tours, and Don’t Even THINK About Skipping That Ad.

Posted by natalydawn | Jan 5, 2013

Happy New Year!!! This month is looking kinda crazy from where I’m currently sitting. Not crazy in a bad way - though I’m sure it won’t all be peaches and cream - more like crazy in a “howzahwhat?!” kind of way.

I’m going to London in three days. LONDON, I SAY!!!! For some interviews and radio performances and my annual high tea at the Ritz. Just kidding about the Ritz. But there WILL be clotted cream and scones or so help me God.

Upon my return, I’ll be shooting a music video. Don’t exactly know what I’ll be doing in this music video, but it will be made somehow.

Right after that, I go into practice mode for the tour, followed by A WEST-COAST TOUR WITH BEN FOLDS FIVE, WHAAHHHHH!?!?! That’s right. Also, I’ll be playing Sundance on the same stage as Andrew Bird, and they only put equally amazing artists on the same stage, right? So yeah…I’m pretty sure that my talent will increase exponentially over the next month, mainly due to the fact that I’ll be standing on the same ground as these kick-ass people. (I am not worrrrthyyyy…)

If you are a KICKSTARTER BACKER, you’ll be receiving your album VERY SOON, because we’re shipping them out THIS WEEK! I know, it’s hard to believe, and you guys have been amazingly patient. I can’t thank you enough for supporting my album, but I thought that a good first step would be…giving it to you.

Aside from editing videos for all the songs on the album, I’m also working on a few 15-second pre-roll ads for YouTube…you know, to get the word out. A pre-roll ad is that (often annoying) ad that you have to skip before watching the video that you wanted to play, except that you CAN’T SKIP IT if it’s only 15 seconds long! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (There’s nothing evil about advertising….but really, there isn’t. Not if you’re advertising a thing that makes people’s lives more fulfilling. Like prosciutto, or sweaters, or credit cards! …maybe not credit cards.)

I figure there must be some people out there who watch YouTube videos and who would really like my music if they knew who I was. Perhaps I have already reached my whole demographic, but on the off-chance that someone hasn’t heard of me, I’m going to advertise.

The whole idea of making ads for my music is kind of unfamiliar to me. In the past, Pomplamoose’s “ads” have been our cover songs. It’s how people discovered us. And while that’s still something I plan on doing to promote the album, I’m also going to do whatever else I can to get the word out. Of course your personal recommendation to your friends is worth more to me than anything these ads will accomplish. But I’ve got an album coming out in a month, and it’s time for me to be the squeaky wheel.

So… *squeak*

Hm…that wasn’t nearly as effective as I hoped it would be…

Gonna have to work on that.

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London Bridges, West-Coast Tours, and Don’t Even THINK About Skipping That Ad.

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