My First Day of London Interviews

Posted by natalydawn | Jan 10, 2013

It’s official. Everyone here is wonderful. I can’t get over how friendly everyone has been despite their intelligence. Perhaps a strange thing to say, but I feel like friendliness is often associated with stupidity. Not when you’re English! No siree Bob. The English have figured out how to be both genuinely kind and brilliant at the same time. Or maybe I’ve just been lucky enough to have met the best English people. Not that everyone has been English. I’ve also met a winsome Italian, an incredibly thoughtful Spaniard, and a very genteel Israeli man who was not interviewing me, but told me some pretty great jokes over breakfast.

The interviews so far have been some of the best I’ve ever had. Really good questions. Very thoughtful people. Good listeners. How they end up telling the story is of course entirely up to them, but so far the process has been totally painless and I’ve managed to not say anything crazy. We’ll see how tomorrow’s interviews go. They might have broken me by then, and that’s when the world will witness the real me. The me who hates animals* and stalks Madonna in her spare time (did you think it was a coincidence that my hotel is right across from her London abode? Did you???)

So far, I owe my battle against jet-lag to these fine women:

-Alexandra: for making me drink tea and eat cucumber sandwiches, and for not letting me pass out before 10PM.

-Celina (my hair stylist): for telling me to buy melatonin because it would knock me right out. She was right. I slept for eight whole hours.

-Dunk (my manager): for recommending that I work out in the morning. Despite what my body was telling me to do this morning, I hit the treadmill and it cured my melatonin hangover.

-my mom: for insisting that I bring Align (magical probiotics). Anytime I travel, I get this intense feeling of nausea that follows me like a dark cloud after the first day. It hit me hard today after my workout. I went all pale, and clammy and weak in the knees, and then I remembered: ALIGN! It sounds like a commercial, but I swear on my mother’s life (sorry mom) that my day would have been horrible had I not remembered these incredible little capsules.

That about sums up my day. Thank you to the above-mentioned people for helping me not to be sick and miserable on this trip. And thank you to all of the lovely people who took the time to ask me such engaging questions about my album today.

On a separate note, “How I Knew Her” has been nominated for BBC 6M Rebel Playlist! If you have time to vote, please go here to do so:

I’m so blessed to have fans who actually care about my music being heard by other people.

*I do not in fact hate animals, unless they are unborn.**

**What a sick thing to say. I take it back.

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My First Day of London Interviews

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