Somewhere in Wyoming

Posted by natalydawn | Jan 24, 2013

It’s 4:30AM and we’re on the road.

We left Denver around 11:00 after an amazing first show. The Denver audience couldn’t have been better. Really made us feel at home.

Now that we’re half-way through our most grueling drive, I can say with some amount of certainty that this is the best crew I could have ended up with. Despite the many curve balls that this tour has thrown us so far (in particular, not having any heat in the van and having to get it repaired before our long drive north) we’ve managed to prevail. We’ve also been having a great time making meals, hanging out and (of course) playin bomb-ass music together.

We stayed at this great airbnb place last night. It’s such an incredible way for musicians to get around. There are five of us on the road, and that means either three hotel rooms or one awesome house. So if you’re ever in Denver and need five beds, I highly recommend Jason’s original historic 1880 Farmhouse.

A few things you should know about the band members:
-they all have very good teeth and great smiles.
-they all have impressively high EQs (as well as IQs, but no one really “uses their branes” on tour).
-Josh Fossgreen plays a mean upright bass, and is also very good at hug-giving.
-Ryan Lerman has done a masterful job of rearranging all the songs on my album for the stage, and his guitar solos will rock your (probably very thick) socks off (especially if you’re in Salt Lake).
-Craig Macintyre holds his own on the drums, so much so in fact that if everybody else left in the middle of the set, you probably wouldn’t notice.
-Riki Feldmann has done an exceptional job managing the tour, and that’s a giant understatement. We would all be freezing our butts off in a broken down van if it weren’t for him. More importantly, I think I would be a total basket case if we didn’t have someone in charge of knowing where to go and how to handle everything. There’s just too much to know.
So yeah. I’m pretty much the luckiest person in the world to be touring with these folks. And you know it must be true because it’s been a long night and I’m still smiling.

If you can make it to our show in Salt Lake City tonight, that would be amazing. We’re headlining, so I’ll know if no one came to see me. Which reminds me: a huge thanks to Ben Folds again for letting me open for him. It’s been really encouraging to have people come up to me and tell me they’d never heard of me but love my stuff. Whenever people who didn’t know you give your album a chance, it’s just such a great feeling. Oh and if you’re still on the fence about coming to see me play live, and you don’t have my album, I should mention that “How I Knew Her” is currently available at any of my live shows.
Yeah. I thought that might interest you.

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Somewhere in Wyoming

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