My interview on NPR’s All Things Considered

Posted by natalydawn | Feb 10, 2013

You can listen to it here!

I can’t BELIEVE how well edited it is. I’m pretty sure I said “um”, “der” and “like” about 400 times, but NPR still managed to make me sound intelligent.

A huge thank you to Jacki Lyden for taking the time to interview me…and to the editors for playing SO MUCH of my album!

This is gearing up to be a FANTASTIC release week.

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  2. emilykilpatrick said: It was so weird to be listening to NPR on Saturday and hear you! You sounded intelloquent, as usual. (I had to make up a new word to describe you.) ; )
  3. smellslikemegan said: Super cool. I can relate quite a lot.
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My interview on NPR’s All Things Considered

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