The day has finally come!!!!

Posted by natalydawn | Feb 12, 2013


now what?

I’ve never done this before. I’ve never done the whole build up to the album release, followed by release, followed by…

…more promo? a tour? interviews? videos? PLEASE TELL ME SO THAT I CAN HAVE A PURPOSE AGAIN!!!

It’s weird, because I feel like I should be celebrating, but I also know that I shouldn’t stop working. So I’ve mostly spent the day letting people know about the album, and I’ll be getting together with some friends tonight to eat Chinese take-out and drink beer. (Yes, a musicians life is one of great luxury.)

I wish that it were more like handing in a final project. I wish that it were immediately followed by a vacation where you still didn’t know what grade you’d received in the class. Peaceful oblivion, and some restless nights towards the end of your long, sweet sojourn.

But that’s not what it’s like. The grades are rolling in and you DO NOT STOP WORKING. Fortunately the reviews of my live shows and my album have been mostly positive. For example: The Boston Globe, Get It On Vinyl, SF Weekly, Racket Magazine, Drowned in Sound, Music OMH,  and Time Online Tech (although a wonderful interview, I should include this disclaimer for the Time article: the VAST majority of Kickstarter supporters did NOT complain about it taking so long to release the album, and that the lack of communication was ENTIRELY my fault. There. I said it. Again.)

There’s also been a lot of print reviews, but my favorite experience so far has been the NPR interview, and my favorite review is from the BBC. (Gee those English sure do know how to write.)

I’ve also gotten GREAT real-estate on the iTunes store, with scrolling features at the top of the New Artists AND Singer/Songwriter pages. A huge thank you to my friends at iTunes for that.

And if you’re wondering what’s coming next, well…the next couple months will involve shooting a bonafide music video, doing a headlining nation-wide tour and even some TV spots, so it’s all good news. It’s all very good news.

But it’s also really scary. It’s scary because I’m oh so aware that no matter how many reviews you get, no matter how many people like you on Facebook or follow you on YouTube, the road is a long, uphill battle. It’s not the sort of job where you get to the end of the day and say, “I’ve done enough.” You just have to keep pushing and pushing and pushing until you  decide to stop pushing and start the next project.

I realize that’s a bleak thing to say on the day of my release. So let me clarify that I’m not discouraged in the slightest about my future as a musician. (I just found out that I’m #6 on the itunes singer/songwriter charts!) All I’m saying is that the work is never done. And so much of it depends not on how much I do, but how much other people like my album. So I guess all I’m saying is you do your part, and I’ll do mine.

On a less mature note: LOOK it’s me next to boobies in a French magazine article! Oh the French…

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The day has finally come!!!!

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